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Midnighter and Apollo is my first lovely canon gay-couple

Now. I finding another one.

Gio Taviani a.k.a. “Agent Twilight” and Paul Fritche a.k.a “Night Fox”

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Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier #1


Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier #1

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Clearly I’m spending too much time with comics ;)

I had a dream last night that I was reading a comic in which Dick, without knowing, drank a love potion. The next person he saw was Bruce and so he “became obsessed with Bruce Wayne.” Yes, that’s a quote from the dream comic. It was a really vivid dream, okay :)

Best part: in my dream I thought, “I can’t wait to post a picture of this panel on my blog. Tumblr will love it!”

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By giving Bruce Wayne a string of short-lived girlfriends, you just make it clear that his longest loving relationship has been with Dick Grayson.
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DC Comics’ Diversity Crisis: Why the Status Quo Rules »




Of course, the few comments so far are mostly by offensive Neanderthals.  Thought certain followers might be interested in this article.

DC does need more diversity and the fact they won’t let Kate and Maggie marry IS fucked up


Saying that DC has a bigger problem with a lack of diversity and the white straight cis ‘status quo’ than Marvel is questionable to me

DC currently has a book that STARS an out lesbian woman in a loving and committed relationship with another lesbian woman, with gay and lesbian characters in the supporting cast

It has a queer trans woman and her lesbian girlfriend in Batgirl and the creators have promised further LGBTQI representation to come

It has a queer POC woman in Aquaman and the Others, a gay man starring in Earth 2, two gay male characters and two canon lesbian characters in Batman Eternal right now, a gay couple in the supporting cast of The Flash

Meanwhile Marvel?

Marvel has NO lesbian couples in ANY of their comics

Marvel has ONE lesbian woman in All new Ultimates who has so far never been portrayed actually having a relationship with another girl

It has a gay man who never dates in Avengers Undercover and another gay man who never does or says anything to actually indicate that he’s gay beyond ONE line of dialogue several issues ago in Uncanny X-men

It has NO trans women

It has no POC queer women

It has NO gay male couples appearing in any of its books at present.

And yeah, a woman is now Thor…a white, cis woman who will, most likely, be straight given Marvel’s track record to date…this isn’t to say that the new Thor won’t be fun to read but it’s really not progressive to have a blonde white straight cis woman starring in a comic

DC DOES need to do better when it comes to diversity

But for all their mistakes, they are doing a hell of a lot better than Marvel has EVER done. Marvel’s history is a history of ignoring queer people, ESPECIALLY queer women actually exist and of bigoted and lesbophobic treatment of queer female characters in addition to multiple instances of transphobic ‘humour’

DC had books with lesbian and trans women back when Marvel’s ‘LGBTQI representation’ consisted of Northstar…and that’s it

Being excited about the new Captain America and Thor is fine and I am totally looking forward to seeing what happens with them as well but let’s not make the mistake that just because Marvel has added a bit more POC and female representation to their A-list heroes that Marvel is some amazing, progressive example that DC should aspire toward because Marvel are still one of the most backward and stuck in the past comics publishers in existence right now :(

Marvel has a LOT of problematic and troubling problems in its stories and among its writing staff and should not be viewed as some beacon of acceptance and progressiveness

Before people decide to kiss Marvel’s ass too much.

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the reed flute (or karst) cave in guilin, southern china, was carved out of the karst limestone mountains over 180 million years ago from an underground river and that has now settled into a lake. more than 70 ink inscriptions dating back to 792 ce can also be found inside the cave, which was left forgotten for a thousand years before being rediscovered in the 1940s by a group of refugees fleeing japanese troops. photos by james p. nelson, christian ortiz, jesse estes, adam allegro, filip m.a.

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"Think positive thoughts :)"

*thinks about dick*


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whenever i draw bruce and dick it veers off into moody lighting territory


whenever i draw bruce and dick it veers off into moody lighting territory

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Fic: 10:52 


Pairing: Bruce/Dick

Summary: Bruce Wayne pays Agent Grayson a visit. Fake beards are worn. Things are left unsaid.

Words: 2,417

Rating: SFW, some allusions to sex

Notes: I wanted this to be much sadder and messier tbh, but eventually the shmoop leaked out. Anyway, I have many thoughts on how weird Nu!Bruce and Nu!Dick’s relationship is, especially at this point.


"Well – " The international super spy says, snappy voice carefully hiding regret, "It’s 10:52. Time to glue stuff to our faces again."

"Yeah," the daytime billionaire, nighttime vigilante agrees, head still rested against Dick’s stomach. Yeah, which is not Hrm or Hnh, which is … something. He even sighs a little.

Read More

Ugh this is so layered and melancholic. A take on the OTP in the new 52 that aligns perfectly with my headcanon.

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The best Batman is obviously Dick Grayson.


The best Batman is obviously Dick Grayson.


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Batman: She impressed you?
Catwoman: Kinda grew on me. Like a rash.

[Batman Confidential #21]

"You don’t always have to hide behind that wal of yours" -BRUCE YOU RAGING HYPOCRITE

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